New Crochet Collar

I can’t wait to show you what a lovely collar I’ve made. I knitted it using a scheme by the very talented craftsman Lena, which I bought at her Etsy shop The diagram is great, clearly written, with a detailed explanation of each stitch and with photos of what you should get after each row. For my collar, I used Madame Tricote thread and a 1.25 no hook. So my collar is not openwork, but it is very dense and solid. I plan to knit another one but with thinner thread and a thicker hook. We’ll see what I get. I don’t put the collar in the shop today or this weekend because I haven’t yet thought out the clasp. And of course photos, I don’t know which way to take pictures of it, but I hurry to share my latest work with you.


One of the last orders in the shop – a high neck collar, of which I am particularly proud. I created it myself – from beginning to end, not basing on a ready-made pattern. This is a new product, recently placed in the shop. The order flew to America, to the town of Halladay, Utah. This is the first time I have shipped to this state and I am curious how long it will take for the package to reach the customer. Fingers crossed for the customer will be happy with her purchase.