New Choker

A new white choker is available in LaceCrochetFinds. Made from 100% high-quality mercerized cotton and tied with a white satin ribbon. Choker length 32 cm / 12,6 inches, width – almost 4 cm / 1,5 inches. This simple yet elegant accessory works well with many looks.

Favourite Collar

I rarely show another of my shops on this side, and I don’t even know why, perhaps because it’s hard to photograph crocheted collars and chokers. But collars make up the main point of this shop, so today I would like to show you my favourite one. This collar is difficult to crochet and handle as you can’t iron it to save its shape. The main embellishment of the collar is the so-called “popcorns” – convex raceme that is almost invisible in photos but looks great in reality.


All I need to complete the last order is in the photo: black thread Maxi Madame Tricote, Clover hook 1,25 mm nr 4, scissors I bought in Edinburgh, Clover needle, and black satin ribbon. By the way, my favourite choker is navy blue, what is your choice?

New Review

Can I say that I am proud of myself? There is the first review on the first crochet collar purchased in LaceCrochetFinds 🙂 This feeling that you made someone happy is priceless! Thank you, Lia, for the lovely review! We appreciate it very much.

Crochet Collar

A new collar is ready, but I do not list it in the shop yet because I can’t take photos with the proper colour. Ys, it is the same problematic burgundy colour, which caused three stars review in the shop. It seems that it takes me a lot of time to find the proper place and light to take the right photos.

New Collar

I found out from my competitors that they often take photos of crochet collars on dressed mannequins. I decided to try too. It turned out that I hardly have any dresses because I wear jeans all the time. I guess it was time to do some shopping. But for now, my mannequin is dressed, and a new lace collar has its photos.