My Working Place

I don’t like to write on the Internet about myself. However, since I have more and more subscribers, I think it’s time to introduce myself. I was born in Lithuania, in a small resort town called Druskininkai, but I have been living in another country, Poland, in its capital Warsaw, for 15 years now, and I must say that I have fallen in love with this country and its people with all my heart. I feel at home here. I deal in very different things. Firstly, I teach Russian and Lithuanian to adults (those are my two native languages), secondly, I am a translator, and finally, my hobby is my life. I am a crocheter, knitter, and cross-stitcher. What is more, I have a lot of ideas about needlework, I will not list them all, as they are constantly changing and I have no enough time to realize them all.

My workplace looks like this. A small handy table, hooks, thread, daisies for the garland at work, my favourite simple scissors that I bought a few years ago in Edinburgh and lots of other necessary items for needlework. There is also my cross-stitched picture “Let’s eat cake and Let’s drink tea” by Duren Jones pattern on the table, and my favourite postcards that I received as gifts or brought myself from far away trips. For example, my daughter sent me the Shakespearian mouse from Stratford-upon-Avon, the whale from Canada and the sheep from Edinburgh; the Van Gogh I brought from London when I visited the National Gallery; the Summer of Alphonse Mucha from Prague, where I’ve been several times. I still have a lot of postcards in stock, so sometimes I change them depending on my mood.


I’ve been away from the blog for a few days and my blog has died. I’m surprised. Maybe next time I’ll warn my readers that I’m going on holiday and won’t post anything, because I don’t like uploading photos from my phone. So, for the first time this year, I was on holiday and went to Sopot. Only a few days, but a lot of impressions.

Sopot is a small resort town on the Baltic Sea between GdaƄsk and Gdynia. All three towns are almost connected and we call them Tricity. The most famous places in the city are the pier and the “crooked house”. My favourite things about it are the residential architecture and the city parks by the sea.

So, the architecture is rich, eclectic with old elements of Swiss-style and romantic historicism. It’s probably the mixture that gave the city its unique look. The first time you see all the balconies, columns, cornices, balustrades and turrets, you won’t get rid of the impression that this is a toy town.

The parks have an abundance of flowers and flowering shrubs, all designed to make sure that holidaymakers not only can walk and breathe the fresh sea air but also enjoy the aesthetic pleasure that comes with it. There were still tulips and magnolia blooming in the parks, but most of all there were lilacs – common lilacs, French lilacs and some others, I’m not familiar with them. There were white, purple, lilac, bluish and pinkish – I haven’t seen so many lilac bushes anywhere else. So I will always associate this city with the fragrant smell of the shrub.

New Pattern

Here is the process of creating a new cross stitch pattern from the “Fly” series. This will be a Bald Eagle native to North America. Bald eagles are not bald; the name derives from an older meaning of the word, “white-headed”. As a rule, the Bald eagle shuns people and settles away from populated areas. Partners remain faithful to each other for many years, often all their lives. Eagles hatch from one to three chicks each year. In 1782 the Bald Eagle was officially recognized as the national bird of the United States, its images appeared on the coat of arms, the presidential standard, monetary signs and other state attributes of this country, as well as on the logos of national corporations. Indians identify the bird with a deity, and many legends and rituals are associated with them.


Everyone knows that the future of the planet depends on our attitude toward nature. I try to be as eco-friendly as possible in my daily life and in my shops, of course, too. It took me quite a while to find a local store in Poland that makes small boxes for my products. And so yesterday I received a parcel from them – boxes with and without a window and stickers with the name of my shop. These boxes are perfect for my garlands and I’m ordering more of them tomorrow. By the way, this local store is here

White Daffodils Garland

I finally finished it – a garland of white daffodils. It will be listed in the CrochetCabinetCrafts this evening and for now, you can admire it here. The bunting consists of 9 3D white flowers with a yellow centre each and can be a reminder of the beautiful spring that is now giving way to summer. There will be new garlands in my shop in the summer. I won’t say what it will be, but I can hint to you that I have an idea for one garland in green and another in orange. Have you guessed yet?

Hanging on the wall.

New Item – Daisy Flowers

I always have trouble taking pictures of new items for the shop. It’s not enough light, it’s a lot of light, it’s distorted colour, or I don’t like the composition – it’s the process that takes me the longest. I take photos with my phone, though. I guess it’s time to buy a really good camera. Let’s leave this question for the future, but for now, the new items at CrochetCabineCrafts are white daisies with a pink centre.