Quaker Ball Sal

We have typical autumn here, in Poland – it’s raining, and yesterday it even snowed lightly, it’s overcast, and it’s dark. So the problematic embroidery is progressing with difficulty. Quaker Ball is exactly troublesome embroidery, especially towards the end. We have eight small elements left to cross-stitch, but they are the most difficult because they have to be stitched not with classical crosses but special stitches. I’m so thrilled that I started to stitch this Ball on Evenweave because I have to embroider through one thread. How to do it beautifully on Aida, I have no idea. If I had known it would be so complicated, I even would have used a 25-count Evenweave, but I have 32count Belfast linen, and it’s a real pain to stitch on it. But the first square is done using triangle Rhodes Stitch, and I’m happy to show it to you and waiting for a brighter day to stitch more elements.

New Item

I’ve just put a new set of small crochet flowers and leaves in the shop. All flowers are made around one new colour of thread – raspberry, which officially is called red medium. And as always, I struggled with photos, trying to convey this beautiful colour.

New Kit

Since I once decided ( it was a stupid decision) not to begin new stitching until I had finished all the old ones I had started, I very rarely set anything. In this case, I decided to make an exception and get started with a mini kit. Guess which one?