In spring I embroidered Taurus painting from the Zodiac Signs series as a birthday present for my friend. I bought the diagram in the Etsy shop at Satsuma.  The pattern is very clear, colours are wonderful, I enjoy each cross. Probably the Taurus on a black canvas would look better, but I already have problems with my eyes, for this I sew on the white evenweave with DMC thread. This is the result.

This was my first attempt to place the embroidery in the hoop and I must say that I am very pleased with the result. I watched a lot of tutorials how to do it on youtube and here are a few more photos of the back of this embroidery. I used white fetr to hide the back side of embroidery (unfortunately, I haven’t got an ideal back side of my cross stitich).

3 thoughts on “Taurus

  1. You did a wonderful job! One of the things I like about Satsuma Street charts is that with very few exceptions, they work on any cloth. My vision doesn’t let me work on dark cloth or on anything finer than 16-count Aida, but the two of her charts I’ve done have still both come out really nice.


      • They do fun charts to stitch up; I’m just getting started on the cities, which I love. I’ve been too chicken to try hoop framing them, though; while I can cross-stitch forever, I’m fumble-fingered at any other kind of sewing and crafty stuff. I also did it on 14-count, so I need a really big hoop.*laugh*


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