New Hobby – Embroidery

Last week I ordered this beautiful kit for embroidery from Michalina Mruczek. For a long time, I’ve been thinking that I should try a new way of embroidery. But thoughts like” I can’t do anything”, “I’m not as talented as others”, “I can’t draw, how can I draw with a needle and thread” etc. distress me all the time. But apparently, there was a moment when you had to make a decision. So when I saw on Michalina’s Instagram this kit with embroidery instruction, I ordered it and now it is in front of me – tastefully packed in an eco-friendly box and paper. The kit contains 5″ embroidery Hoop and cardboard bottom for it, Mark & Erase pen, linen fabric, 5 colours hand-dyed mouline, a needle, very detailed instruction and coloured picture of completed embroidery. I’m leaving for London next week, and after I get back, I’m gonna try my hand at it. Wish me luck!

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