New Pattern

A new pattern, created by Serafima Abramova, our designer from Dnipro, Ukraine, is in our shop

The chart was inspired by Easter and based on the old Ukrainian cross-stitch ornaments. They are Pysanky – a traditional craft in Ukraine. The method is similar to batik – patterns are drawn on the egg with wax, which protects the covered areas from the applied dye. You can read more about this technique here:

We had planned to create these ornaments before Easter, but, as our designer said, it’s hard to work when the alarm bells are still ringing. By the way, we are planning to create similar ornaments in blue and yellow – the colours of Ukraine. Thus, keep an eye on our website.

I like to add that a similar technique for decorating Easter eggs is popular in Lithuania, except that other ornaments are used there, mainly leaves and flowers. The name Ukrainian pysanky come from the word “писать”, which means “to write”. The name of Lithuanian ones – “margučiai” from the word “marginti”, which means “variegated”. This technique used to be popular in Poland, too.

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