I didn’t rich the centre of the town yet. I didn’t want to do this because there was a long weekend in Lithuania, and many people came here to rest and breathe fresh air. Maybe this week, I’ll visit Lake Druskonis and see blooming Daffodils and Sakuras on its bench. For now, I only walked around my neighbourhood along the River Nemunas and the famous Druskininkai pine forests.

The soil of Southern Lithuania is sand on which juniper, pine trees and mushrooms grow well. The banks of the Nemunas are high, and the sand settles si, helped by the wind and rain. For this reason, it is often possible to see pine trees on the banks of the Nemunas, which are held upright by only one deep-set root. The rest of them grow flat, and these pines stand even when there isn’t much soil under them.


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