Christmas Patterns

As a cross-stitcher, I know that summer is the best time to start your Christmas project if you want to be on time. Stitching takes a lot of time because every piece is different in size and level. Finished stitching can be the best gift for Christmas but only for a person who can appreciate it. There you have some popular Christmas theme charts from StitchersLand. Enjoy Them!


There are some waterbird cross stitch patterns in our shop. They are Wood Duck or Carolina Duck, Ruddy Shelduck, Mandarin Duck, and Swan. Which one is your favourite?

And there are some finished stitching based on our charts.

Star Seller

Three shops on Etsy take all my free time. They need a lot of work on SEO, answering your messages, advertising on social media etc. But the result translates into sales. Being a Star seller has its sense because this status helps increase sales. My two shops have Star sellers badges. Unfortunately, the third one – LaceCrochetFinds – isn’t worth it just because of low sales. Do you think it is fair?

Crocheted Bookmarks

These little pretties left home today to Rancho Cucamonga, CA, USA. Dark red and Liliac bookmarks were sold for the first time, but the pink one is just a gift. I always look up to buyers who buy such a small thing from overseas, so I try to put a little gift to their purchase.


I have been working online only for the past years, so I don’t waste time travelling to the companies where I teach. For this reason, I don’t post any photos under the name “On my way to work”. But sometimes I miss my favourite places in Warsaw so much that I take every opportunity to go for a walk. Especially when the weather is like today – the sun is shining, and it is warm – 19 degrees Celsius. There are some photos from Ujazdowski Park and the area around Koszykowa here.


Last week I sent five orders to my customers. One of them flew to Canada, and I cannot track it because Poland and Canada do not sign a deal on it. So I only can patiently wait till the customer leaves a review. Other orders were from the USA: Saint Paul, MN; Saint Albans, VT; Brockport, NY; Coral Springs, FL. I hope all orders will be delivered quickly and customers enjoy them.

Dog in Stitching

Some times ago, I wrote that there are two dog cross stitch patterns in StitchersLand. Today I got the message that we have more different dogs’ cross stitch charts. The most popular among our customers is the Red Dachshund pattern. Anyway, they all are here.