Free Cross Stitch Pattern “Stand with Ukraine”

Марія БровкоCross stitch patterns by Maria Brovko

“For the first time in those seven horrible days, I was able to create something to distract myself from sad thoughts. I started from something small and simple because I still can’t recover and find a resource for creativity. Well, at least so.

I will not tire of thanking cross-stitchers all over the world for your great support to me and my country!” 💙💛

You can download the pattern here:…/1wNK0TWvXVwlpt82bLpK…/view…

Все буде добре! Все буде Україна! 🇺🇦

Вперше за ці сім жахливих днів я змогла щось створити, щоб відволіктися від сумних думок. Почала з маленького та простенького, бо досі не можу оговтатися та знайти у собі ресурс для творчості. Ну хоча б так.

Мої любі українки – я дуже пишаюся всіма вами!

Ви можете завантажити схему тут:…/12f7OPBh_skR…/view…


The Designer of all my shop cross stitch patterns is Serafima Abramova, who lives in Ukraine. All money I’ve got from purchasing the charts (docking Etsy payments) I send to her. 10% sales on the patterns are in StitcersLand now. Thank you for supporting our small business in this painful for Ukraine time!

Valentine’s Day

Spring is in the air today. It is a beautiful sunny day, birds are singing outside the window. On the occasion of Valentine’s Day, I wish everyone to find their sweetheart. By the way, the promotion in StitchersLand is going on – when you buy a pattern, you get a free chart ‘Birds in love”. We haven’t got a lot of Valentine’s Day patterns, but this Heart and Roses pattern is about it.

Collar in Progress

One of my favourite collars in LaceCrochetFinds is the Daisy collar necklace. It is rather complicated in crocheting because it consists of small attached details. Firstly you need to do a yellow centre, then crochet white petals to it, and only after that, you can attach petals to another flower. Of course, there is a possibility to crochet flowers separately and then sew them together, but I prefer to add them during crocheting. So, all you need is to count, count, and count!

Clover Garland

A four-leaf clover garland is on its way to Texas now. I crocheted this good luck charms bunting last year, and nobody noticed it on Etsy at all. This year I sold the garland for the second time, and I am happy that my idea was not a waste of time. As St Patrick’s Day is on March 17, there is the highest time to think about buying home decorations from Europe. Irish style lovers are welcome at our shop!