Baby Blanket

My baby blanket is growing slowly, I’d even say too slowly. Why? Maybe because of the pattern I’ve chosen. I crochet the blanket using a moss stitch pattern which means you crochet slip stitch and then half double crochet stitch and just repeat these two stitches all the time. It is boring and takes a lot of time to control not losing a single thread but it looks spectacular. What is more, I am not sure about the color changes so all I need is to be patient and enjoy crocheting itself. Keep your fingers crossed that this project will be successful for me.

Crochet Daffodils Garland

Finally, my daffodil garland is ready. The season for these flowers is already ending, although they are still blooming in my small garden. It was my yellow daffodils with a dark yellow centre that was my inspiration for making this garland. I love these flowers for their fragility, delicacy, smell and for the fact that they are a symbol of spring, just like tulips, of course. But crochet tulips and connecting them into a garland is quite difficult, although I can’t stop thinking about it and quite possibly I’ll figure out how to do it better. But while I’m working the details out, the daffodils are taking over.

And this is how the garland looks hanging on the wall.


Well, it is Sunday and there is +17°C and sunny outside. The weather forecast did not disappoint this time. I had to cut down my biggest tulips because of the windy weather some days ago, so take a look, how beautiful they are. I hope my shop designer will create a cross stitch pattern for them.


The last two orders in CrochetCabinetCrafts were despatched to the USA. One to Cabin John, MD and it was a Daisy garland and the second one to Greenacres, FL – Poppies garland. I use round business stickers with our StitchersandQuills logo, which I bought at SavageCreationUK. Both shipments have left Poland and are in transit now. Fingers crossed they reach their destination as soon as possible.

The Weather

It’s raining, it’s only +8 ºC and it’s dark outside. The mood is like these pictures I took in St. Andrews years ago. I have to say that these are some of my favourite photos as well as one of my favourite places on Earth. I love the English weather because I can hardly stand the summer heat, but this time I get excited when the weather forecast says that already this Sunday we will have +20 ºC, so all we have to do is wait for Sunday.