Halloween in July

I love all my customers, especially those thinking about their home decoration in advance. Last-minute shopping from overseas is a bad idea. It is always nervous for a seller or customer. That’s why I am so happy to crochet this Pumpkin garland.

July – August Slavic Horoscope

People born on 10 July – 10 August have their Slavic Horoscope sign – Snail. People born under the sign of snails are endowed with sensitivity. They are a very delicate and accurate sense of other people, good and can listen to them for hours. People can sometimes be willing to be deceived. Do you know someone with this personality trait?

Lighthouses Pattern

Lighthouses are the symbols of success among the cross stitchers. Thus, we have three patterns of the equal Aniva Lighthouse in different colours. You can choose between light blue or dark blue canvas or stitch it in sepia. Which one is your favourite?


I was surprised when Maria ordered the same bookmarks twice. She wrote that she liked my work so much that she purchased the same bookmarks as a gift for her sister. Thus, two flowers and lavender bookmarks left home today morning to Ireland with a small gift in addition 🙂 I hope Maria will like her new bookmark too.

Free Patterns

We have three free cross stitch patterns in StitchersLand. They are Butterflies. If you buy two charts from us, we’ll add one of them to your order and send a “thank you” notice. If you are our loyal customer and buy from us the second time, we’ll send you another butterfly pattern. For the third time, you get the third free chart. Please, drop us a message if you want the particular butterfly pattern. Here they are:

New Review

Thank you, Sharon, for the lovely review on our Barn Owl cross stitch pattern. We appreciate it very much. We will be happy to see finished stitching too 🙂 We are always grateful to you for sending the photo of the completed picture to us!

New Pattern

A new cross stitch pattern is available in StitchersLand with a 10% discount for a new item. Flowers Bouquet chart is without blends because some stitchers don’t like them. Unfortunately, this pattern has got French knots. As I know, even more stitchers hate French knots. As for me, I am sober to them all. What about you? Do you like blends, backstitch or French knots?


I leave these photos here. Summer is in its best view. Pink and blue hydrangeas are blooming amazingly under my windows. These imposing flowers are not mine, but I am dreaming about growing them. One day, maybe. And yes, I can’t choose the best of them. Lilacs at the end are for the variety.