Some days ago on Coastal Crochet blog  I saw crocheted Brendan Bluebird, who was designed and made by Eleonora and found information about community project in The Netherlands. Eleonora wrote, that she was contacted by Esmerelda who is on Instagram  and she wrote such words:

“Every bird sings its own song…
Together we will make the longest line of birds!!!!!!!

Let’s craft and unite the world! We’ll make the longest line of Birds June ‘19.

I immediately decided to take part in this project, and here’s what I got.


And here you have a process:



I found free download  Cheery Goldfinch Felt Ornament pattern on Downeast Thunder Farm What’s interesting – if you don’t have the right materials, you can purchase a kit with all supplies you need to make one Goldfinch. I have a lot of felt at home, so my Goldfinch will fly to The Netherlands on Monday.

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