An Old Review

Here are some of my favourite reviews on our cat bookmarks. The first one is about Tabby Ginger Cat. After we got this review, we decided to send Tabby Black cat bookmarks as a gift to this talented teacher and his class because we wanted the Ginger cat didn’t feel alone. When we sent another cat, the teacher bought a Russian Blue cat bookmark, so we got the second review. It was on December 2014, the beginning of our shop we are going to close now. You can imagine how supportive such kind words from a customer were for us.

“Lovely little cat bookmark. He is now the class pet and goes home with my young pupils and they have to write about his adventures. The kids love him and so do I. Very many thanks for the speedy shipping. This little cat will inspire so many of the children in my Primary School class for years to come. A big thank you from Class 6H at our little village Primary School in South Cambridgeshire, England”.

“Many Thanks for your generous gift to Class 6H. It was very much appreciated by all children and gratefully received. After a class vote he is now called Rory and this blue cat is still awaiting a name as the children cannot decide – they love taking it in turns to take Rory and his friends home to look after for a few days. Your little crochet cats should be in every Primary School across the world. The kids love them. They are so durable and stand up to the heavy use they get here at school and at the children’s own family homes. I wish I could send you a photo of the whole class with the cats but unfortunately child protection laws prevent me from doing so – I am sure you can picture it In your head instead. Thanks for opening up the lives of our children with your simple but totally amazing crochet kittens. Your Super! x”


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